Message From Chancellor Glen D. Johnson

"Another important initiative is the creation of cooperative alliances between community colleges and career technology centers across the state. Because of our work with Dr. Phil Berkenbile, state director of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, and others, nearly 2,000 high school students were enrolled in college credit courses at technology centers last fall."
Chancellor Glen D. Johnson, OSRHE

For a complete transcript check out the News Spotlight at www.okhighered.org


NTPN Call for Presenters

In Oklahoma, we have one of the strongest Tech Prep programs in the country. Best practices abound and we should be willing to share our experiences to help others. All consortia have very strong programs and should be proud of what we have accomplished. Our best practices should be presented at the 2007 NTPN Conference in Louisville, Kentucky on October 10-13, 2007. PROPOSAL DEADLINE: March 30, 2007

NTPN Call for Proposals

All conference presentations should meet three criteria: (1) They should be consistent with the conference theme-Pathways to the Winners’ Circle (2) They should demonstrate innovative strategies, best practices, and strong program results. (3) They should provide information that attendees can use in their local districts. Whenever possible, presentations should address the partnering of secondary, postsecondary, and business entities. Presentatons can be a Forum (60 minutes), clinic (75 minutes) orroundtables (presented twice within a 60- or 75-minute time slot).

You can choose only one program strand. However, you can choose more than one topic within that strand You may list topics not shown if they relate to the strand.

Developing Career Pathways (Topics: • Adult Career Pathways • Alignment of secondary and postsecondary • Course development • Curriculum design • Curriculum frameworks • Curriculum integration • Incorporate the 9th & 10th grades • Infuse standards into curriculum • Keep pathway options open • Partnership development • Selection of career clusters/pathways • Standards (academic/employability/skill)

Providing Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships (Topics: • Academics • Accountability • Assessment • Alignment with postsecondary • Close achievement gaps • Contextual learning (relevance) • Enrich academics through CTE • Faculty development / quality teaching • Innovations in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) • Problem solving / teamwork • Project-based learning • Reading competency • Rigorous academics • Role of CTE in NCLB • Standardized tests • Technology integration • Work-based learning)

Counseling for Academic and Career Success (Topics: Career assessments • Career awareness and exploration • Career coaching • Career planning (secondary/postsecondary) • College readiness • Counselor professional development • Parental engagement • Portfolios • Student services)

Administering Partnerships (Topics: • Accountability/performance measures • Advisory groups • Articulation /seamless transition • Build a system (sec./postsec./business) • Career academies • Consortium management • Data collection and use • Dropout prevention • Enrollment management • Evaluation strategies • Fund sources/grant writing • Leadership perspectives • Legislation /advocacy • Promotional strategies • Student organizations • Tech Prep for beginners)

Enhancing Postsecondary Alignment, Transition, and Success (Topics: • Adult Career Pathways • Applied Baccalaurete • Curriculum Alignment • Dual and articulated credit • Early/middle college • Engaging industry • Multiple entrance and exit points • Placement • Professional development for faculty • Recruitment • Remediation • Retention • Revitalize curriculum • Role of advanced technology centers • Technology-based delivery • Work-based experiences)

Building Employer Involvement(Topics: Advocacy/employer engagement • Award-winning partnerships• Benchmarks • Best practices • Business impact measurement • Certifications/credentials • Creating a workforce pipeline • Economic/workforce development • Externships for teachers • Legal issues • Partnerships with schools • Return on investment • Skill standards and assessments • Student worksite experiences • Workforce Investment Act)


New Ideas

We have awarded 4 supplemental grants to various consortia. What does this mean to students? A unique opportunity to participate in some cool programs. Here is a quick sneak peek at what is happening...

Southwest Oklahoma Tech Prep Consortium

The Southwest Oklahoma Tech Prep Consortium has received funding to continue support for the Law Enforcement Services pathway and the implementation of the Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance pathway.

The consortium will be purchasing a “Training Action Computer” for the MILO Range System, an interactive training system that tracks and evaluates the performance of each cadet trainee and provides the instructor and student immediate feedback on the student’s technical proficiency and on the student’s judgment process that leads to target acquisition and engagement. Monies will also be used to purchase the “In the Line of Duty” curriculum for the Law Enforcement program, and the Cummins Virtual College E-tools curriculum for the Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Technology program.

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center Tech Prep Consortium

The Caddo Kiowa Technology Center Tech Prep Consortium has received funding to assist continued development of the Agriculture Career Pathway. The grant will be utilized to adapt the Crop Care Professional instruction materials dealing with plant and soil sciences, spray and fertilizer application systems, GPS/GIS understanding and uses and sensor based applications to a format that can be used by secondary agriculture instructors for classroom instruction and enrichment. The consortium plans to have the materials developed as a result of this grant available online to agriculture education teachers throughout.

Eastern Oklahoma County Tech Prep Consortium

The Eastern Oklahoma County Tech Prep Consortium has received funding to assist in the continued development of an Architecture and Construction Academy. This Academy will be a three year program providing students with a unique blend of math for high school credit, basic Spanish language skills and the the required technical skills for a successful transition into college or direct employment in the architecture and construction industry. To promote the use of technology in the Spanish language requirement of the academy, students will be instructed with the use of a Palm using curriculum developed by the consortium.

Northwest Partnership Tech Prep Consortium

The Northwest Partnership Tech Prep Consortium has received funding to implement the Tech Centers That Work program. Northwest Partnership will work to bring teachers together to help students succeed in challenging career/technical and academic studies. Northwest will be conducting staff training in cooperation with ODCTE, organize a school leadership team and host a professional development conference for all sending school administrators.


In Like A Lion...

Happy New Year!! What an exciting time this is. I want to welcome you to the Oklahoma Tech Prep Blog. I hope that you take the time to visit us online and learn about some of the many exciting ways that we are working to help Oklahoma students pursue high tech, high wage, and high demand jobs through the Cooperative Alliance Project.

We are located on the web at www.okcareertech.org/techprep Come and visit us. If you want to learn about Tech Prep at your school you can contact one of Consortium Coordinators.

Tech Prep is a great way to get prepared for your future. We hope that you will bookmark us and come to visit often. We will showcase many of the exciting opportunities that await you through the many consortia’s across Oklahoma.

Have a wonderful and safe New Year! Jeremy


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