Virtual CareerTech

We just got word that three more tech centers have their Virtual Tours up and operational. Go check out what makes OK CareerTech special!!



Career Clusters on YouTube

I want to thank everyone who has made it possible to put the Career Cluster video's on YouTube. The Career Clusters videos are an educational representation of how a student may plan their future. These videos depict students who are completing or have completed career and technology education and possible scenarios for their current plans for future education and careers. We hope that you enjoy them. More information can be found at http://www.okcareertech.org/okcareerclusters

Technology Center Virtual Tours

The first Virtual Tour of one of our Technology Centers is now online. Join us as we present Great Plains Technology Center and view their classrooms, training facilities and labs. More Technology Center tours will be coming online in the future and we hope that you enjoy your visit.


Career Voyages

Just wanted to let you know about a website called Career Voyages. It is a collaboration between the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Education to provide information on high growth, in-demand occupations along with the skills and education needed to attain those jobs.

Check it out at http://www.careervoyages.gov/


NCPN Conference - Day III

The third and final day, Saturday, included some great insight to comprehensive reform at Cumberland County College and the public school districts serving them. “Workforce Literacy, Academic Alignment and Career/Academic Pathways-A comprehensive K-16 Educational Reform Model” was presented by Kenneth Ender, President of Cumberland County College in Vineland, New Jersey. The session included information about free tuition, working with partners to endow those scholarships and including performance criteria with it while the student is in high school.

The closing keynote was JD Hoye, President of the National Academy Foundation. Her talk, Generation Now: Connecting Schools and Businesses to Keep America Competitive in the Global Economy” talked about organizing high schools into small learning communities.

The 2007 NCPN Conference was a blast and a great opportunity to learn from some insightful people about educating tomorrow’s workforce. Louisville was a beautiful town and the weather was great!! I look forward to the 2008 conference in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 22-25, see you there.


Leveraging Technology - Thank You

I want to say thank you to the participants in my presentation today, "Leveraging Technology for Increased Enrollment, A Systematic, Comprehensive and Integrated Approach.” I hope that you are able to use something from the presentation, implement it at your Tech Center, Community College or University for the better recruitment of students and helping them to achieve more than they thought possible.

I have placed the power point slide on our Tech Prep website in the Resources section. Please feel free to use the information and the additional example of a Recruitment Plan in your own consortium.

Direct Link to Resources Page: http://www.okcareertech.org/techprep/presentations.htm

Here are the links to the videos mentioned during the presentation.

Alliance Video on TeacherTube

Alliance Video on YouTube

Alliance story on Oklahoma Horizon

Career Clusters on TeacherTube

National Career Pathways Network Conference Day II

Day two of the conference and lots of good information and ideas have been shared. I look forward to bringing them back, hearing what others heard, and implementing a few in Oklahoma.

The day started out in the Exhibit Hall for one last look around. The first session of the day was entitled "Putting Students Back into Student Achievement Through Career Pathways." The presenters were Pat Schwallie-Giddis from George Washington University and John Williams from Ed-Connect. Their presentation focused on the Millennial Generation and how Career Pathways can help engage them and help them become successful. The next presentation was "Tech Prep Summer Academy: Professional Development for High School and College Teachers." The session was delivered by Timothy Nolan of the Greater Cincinnati Tech Prep Consortium. Tim did a great job with engaging participants in a mini session of their three-day state workshop. The information shared about the comprehensive professional development showed a great model for others to look at. Up next, it was my turn to present "Leveraging Technology for Increased Enrollment, A Systematic, Comprehensive and Integrated Approach."

The member luncheon was very good and it featured Erin Gruwell. If you have seen or heard about the movie "Freedom Writers" staring Hillary Swank, Erin was the teacher that started it all. She spoke of her first teaching job and the challenges and success of turning inner city kids lives around and getting them to fight with knowledge, and not guns. She and her students have written a book with all the proceeds going to help students with scholarship so that they can attend college. You can learn more about the Freedom Writes Foundation here: http://www.freedomwritersfoundation.org

After lunch it was time to learn a little more about podcasting and who better to learn from than the NATPL award winning Global Edge Tech Prep Consortium from McKinney, TX. A new feature to the conference was Interest Group Discussions. Debbie Mills, Vice President for Partnerships, CORD, led "Career Pathways, Implementation Issues and then the evening was ended with an opportunity for networking with other conference participants.

Tomorrow is the last day with a Clinic, a Forum and the Closing Session, I'll share with you then.


National Career Pathways Conference Day I

Today the National Career Pathways Conference kicked off with the exhibits opening up for the conference attendees. Throughout the Louisville Convention Center many good vendors are providing lots of quality products and information for career and technology education.

We held an Oklahoma State meeting with about 40 people attending. Everyone introduced themselves and indicated whether or not we were presenting. Oklahoma has 8 people giving a total of 4 presentations. We have a lot to share and I am very excited that several consortia have chosen to share that their knowledge for the good of CTE.

David Bond, NCPN Director, presided over the opening session entitled Pathways to Success in a Changing World. Appropriate for Kentucky, the official Churchill Downs bugler, Steve Buttleman, opened with the National Anthem for the ROTC color guard.

A couple of other people addressed the group, Dick Hinckly (President and CEO for CORD), John Marks (Executive Director of Kentucky OCTE) and Ahmed Sabie (Kentucky State Tech Prep Director).

The opening keynote was presented by William Dagett, President of the International Center for Leadership in Education. His presentation, The Education Challenge, Preparing Students for a Changing World, was very well done. After the keynote address, a few Oklahomans chose to attend his forum, Academics and CTE at a Crossroads. Again, Dagget shared lots of great information to bring back and share with the state. His website is located at: http://www.leadered.com/

Tomorrow consists of 5 sessions and an awards luncheon. Lots of information packed into one day, I will let you know how it goes.



Got to Louisville yesterday and completed the registration and all that goes with that. Tonight I thought that I would share some of the happenings in Louisville at the conference this year.

Today was the National Association of Tech Prep Leadership Forum. The forum is held before the NCPN conference and a good opportunity to get some insight into Tech Prep.

We heard form Marty Mahler, P-16 Coordinator for Nebraska, and his presentation "Tech Prep, Back to the Future." It was interesting and he talked about preparing a workforce for the world economy and how we should not want to be competing in a global economy, we should want to lead. He also talked about why we should be concerned with students earning their bachelor degrees by referencing that for every one engineer in the state of Nebraska, they create 7 new "tech" jobs and that for a 1% of increase in bachelor degrees earned they can track a correlating increase in all wages, high school drop out, high school, associates degree and bachelors!

The rest of the day was all about data. Sheila Ruhland from North Carolina spoke about the NATPL Quality Indicators and accountability. After lunch and the awards it was Performance Measures/Data Collection by Dennis Fiscus of Arizona and Tony Landis from Ohio. Again, we got good information to bring back and compare to what we are doing in Oklahoma. The last session was a State Directors break out and a discussion about where we were as states, what we need help with, etc. Wrap it up with some door prizes and call it a day!!

Tomorrow will be another full day and I will get some stuff out about what we did! Remember, if you are from Oklahoma we will have our state meeting at 1:15 in Room 201, see you then.


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