Putting the kNOw in Innovation

Today was our RFA retreat. It took a great committee a few weeks to put it together and I felt that the end result was awesome.

The inspiration for our retreat came from Frank Druffel and his series of innovation videos. From that our theme grew into "Putting the kNOw in Innovation." The first video is embedded below for your enjoyment.

We also heard from Scott Klososky. Scott's biography on his website says that he is a former CEO of three successful startup companies, has no fear about shaking up the status quo around the way we build teams and set powerful directions."

Needless to say, but it was a great presentation and I look forward to hearing from him again! Scott challenged us to not just say that we are the innovators, but to take action and to move on the desire to be innovative.

Here is a slide show that I found from Scott that I thought I would share...
After the morning inspiration on innovation, we took a turn at building speakers in teams and then ended the day with CareerTech Jeopardy. The retreat was a welcome break from the usual grind for myself and I think that everyone else enjoyed their time as well.

Now, we need to go "Break some china!"


To .EDU or to not .EDU? III

In an effort to keep up with the .EDU craze, Southwest Technology Center changed to a new domain this week. Their website can now be found at http://swtech.edu/

Central Tech http://www.centraltech.edu
Francis Tuttle http://www.francistuttle.edu
Northeast Tech http://www.netech.edu
Red River http://rrtc.edu/
Southwest Tech http://swtech.edu/
Tulsa Tech http://www.tulsatech.edu

Canadian Valley http://www.cvtech.org
Eastern Oklahoma County http://www.eoctech.org
Gordon Cooper http://www.gctech.org
Great Plains http://www.gptech.org
Kiamichi http://www.okktc.org
Metro http://www.metrotech.org
Mid-America http://www.matech.org
Pioneer http://pioneertech.org
SOTC http://www.sotc.org
Tri County http://tctc.org
Wes Watkins http://www.wwtech.org

High Plains http://www.hptc.net

Mid-Del http://www.mid-del.tec.ok.us
Western http://www.wtc.tec.ok.us/

Autry http://www.autrytech.com
Caddo Kiowa http://www.caddokiowa.com
Chisholm Trail http://www.chisholmtrail.com
Gordon Cooper http://www.gctech.com
Indian Capitol http://www.ictctech.com
Meridian http://www.meridian-technology.com
Moore-Norman http://www.mntechnology.com
Northwest http://www.nwtechonline.com
Pontotoc http://www.pontotoc.com



If you are on the campus of OSU it is called ALPHA, at OU it is Sooner Orientation Weekend and down South at Texas A&M it is called FISH Camp. Whatever the name, freshmen orientation is happening across the county on college campuses as new students head away from home for the next level of their education.

August is also the time of year that new students will be heading to Okahoma's technology center campuses. How will they be welcomed?

By looking at the higher education model, several elements exist across programs. Fun, friendship and learning about the ins and outs of the campus students will be attending are staples. Breaking into discussion groups that allow students to build friendships, get to know mentors and ask questions specific to their needs is something that you will find at most camps. Instructor/faculty and staff involvement with a little but of administration thrown into the mix.

And of course, tshirts!

All the effort and pizazz boils down to one thing. Making students comfortable on campus, helping them to orient to their new surroundings and helping their transition to a new campus successfully!

How do you help students transition from their home high school to the new world that awaits them at their technology center? Does your campus host a new student orientation program?


Summer Camp Video's

Looking for great examples of how to use social media?

Fans of the Autry Technology Center Facebook page received a link with their Autry Teen Tour Video.

How are you showing off the accomplishments and FUN that your students had this summer?


Marketing, Recruitment, Retention & Transitions in CareerTech

Today I presented over Marketing, Recruitment, Retention and Transitions in CareerTech. I was extremely excited about the turnout for the session and we had some really great conversations after it concluded.

As we work to further develop an enrollment management plan and outline that will work in CTE, I look forward to talking with people about the exciting things that they are doing on their campuses, and discussing ways we can build upon those successes and build a model for CTE Enrollment Management.

If you would like to see what we talked about, please feel free to view the presentation. If you would like to continue the conversation, or talk about the role enrollment management can play on your campus, please contact me and I would love to talk with you.

The ABC's of Tech Prep

During Summer Conference we discussed the ABC's of Tech Prep. It was good to give an overview and highlight some of the areas that a new coordinator should be aware of. As we work to visit with the new coordinators this Fall semester, it is our hope that the presentation will help the new coordinator discover some of the questions that they should be asking and we look forward to building on these initial conversations.


National Promotion of Tech Prep Award

Today we received word that Oklahoma Tech Prep has been awarded the National Association of Tech Prep Leadership's 2009 National Promotion of Tech Prep/Career Pathways Award. We are very excited about the award and want to share it with you.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible, Oklahoma Horizon, ODCTE's Communication and Marketing Division and the local coordinators throughout the state.

Thank you NATPL and we look forward to Atlanta!


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