Professional Development Sourcebook

Are you looking for professional development that will take your training to the next level?

The Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook is a resource avaliable to help you in that effort. I just received my copy of the printed book today and it is chocked full of resources and the website has even more.

Check it out, sign up for the feed or follow them on Twitter.


CareerTech Athlete of the Month

One of the reasons students sometimes use as to why they do not want to attend classes at a technology center is because they have athletics and the two don't mix.

Tulsa Technology Center is helping to combat that misconception by their Student Athlete of the Month. Students who attend Tulsa Technology Center are eligible for this nominated award.

This is a great opportunity to showcase what students do outside of the classroom and a way to show that yes, you can be an athlete and successful students with CareerTech.

Tulsa Tech Student Athlete of the Month


Welcome NATPL/NACPL and NCPN Members

This week, starting today, the National Association of Tech Prep Leadership will become the National Association of Career Pathways Leadership and they will hold a national conference in Florida with the National Career Pathways Network.

Oklahoma Tech Prep has been honored with an award from NATPL and today a video was shared with participants explaining our Review and Improvement Process. In addition, participants will be brought to this blog via a QR code on their handouts. They will land on the tab that explains the process with an expanded Power Point presentation and link to the manual.

We want to welcome those that are exploring the blog for the first time from the conference and hope that you find infomration that you can use to promote Tech Prep and Career Pathways in your home state or local consortia. Please feel free to bookmark this blog or sign up for the RSS updates.

We hope that we will be able to attend in 2012 and that you have a great conference.


Everyone Loves a Parade

Everyone loves a parade! Whether it is a homecoming parade, fall festival parade or a Christmas parade, it is just fun!

Photo via Stillwater NewsPress
When was the last time that you highlighted your technology center at a parade?

We have built floats for parades and besides the obvious benefit of marketing the CareerTech System, those that stayed after work and put time in on the weekend had a great time and employees who might not otherwise met each other developed new friendships. The kids of employees get to meet each other and build friendships as well.

The float builds morale and gives employees a sense of accomplishment. Oh yea, winning is nice to. Since we began to enter, we have not loss during our competitive years and have carried Santa twice in the Stillwater Christmas Parade!

Wes Watkins Technology Center's Gold Star Ambassador Leadership Team recently built a float and took 2nd place in the Holdenville Fall Festival. I bet the students learned a lot about leadership and teamwork as they put the float together. Maybe it is time you put together a float and threw a little candy yourself.


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