New Ideas II

Oklahoma Tech Prep is proud to announce the awarding of 6 additional grants to raise CTE student achievement. Here is a snippet of what is happening with each one…

North Central Tech Prep
North Central Tech Prep was awarded a supplemental grant to promote the Tech Centers That Work initiative and career cluster concepts. Participants will attend the Career Cluster Institute in Phoenix, AZ, visit Lee High Technical School and the SREB conference in Atlanta. Professional development will be continued with the NSDC and promotion of the Teachers as Advisors program. North Central will also promote the Information Technology Career Cluster as part of their supplemental grant.

Region 5 North Tech Prep
Region 5 Tech Prep has received funding to focus on the health cluster and send a career cluster team of 12 sending schools and 5 Meridian Technology Center staff members to the National Career Cluster Institute in Phoenix. Upon return, the team will further develop plans of study in a two-day workshop to be implemented in the Teachers as Advisors program.

Region 11 Tech Prep
Region 11 Tech Prep has received funding to focus on the health cluster and provide professional development toward curriculum realignment with Northeast Technology Center, Northeastern Oklahoma College and Rogers State University and teaching or Anatomy in Clay. A rigorous health curriculum with a capstone project will be required of participants.

Region 11 Tech Prep
Region 11 Tech Prep has received funding to focus on the Manufacturing Career Cluster and conduct the SCREAM Summer camp. SCREAM will provide students in the 7th and 8th grade the opportunity to tour industry partners. A capstone project will be required of student participants. Professional development toward the Tech Centers That Work initiative will be provided through SREB.

Tulsa Tech Prep Consortium
Tulsa Tech Prep Consortium has been awarded a supplemental grant to promote the academy/magnet school model in the Tulsa Public School District. A model will be developed for use within Tulsa and made available to all schools within the consortium. Professional development will be provided to train staff in strategies of cross curricular development. The academy models will be built within the Hospitality and Tourism Career Cluster and the Arts and Communications Career Cluster.

World Class Tech Prep
World Class Tech Prep has received funding to expand the Business and Information Technology Career Cluster and support the Technology Centers That Work initiative through integrating rigorous content for the transition into postsecondary education. Guest presenters, cross walking curriculum, and expanding the sequence of curriculum will all be utilized. Professional Development includes attending the SREB conference in Baton Rouge to identify best practices and challenges.


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