Oklahoma ACT Scores

The Oklahoma High School ACT report was recently released, how did we do?

The ACT test is graded on a scale of 0-36, with 36 being the highest. Oklahoma’s average composite score is 20.7, with 73 percent of the Sr class participating. The national average composite score is 21 and a participation rate of just 47 percent.

Edmond North High School reported the highest average in Oklahoma with a 24.3.

How did your high school do? Find out by downloading the Oklahoma ACT Report.


I Didn't Know That!

Over on the CareerTech STEM Blog there is a post with a great new video for you to use in promoting STEM careers to students.

Check out the I Didn't Know That video


2010 Summer Conference - Twitter Style!

Summer Conference 2010 is in the books! What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was to see the people who where a part of our first organized effort to Tweet about Summer Conference.

If you search #okacte, you will come up with pages of Tweets from conference participants covering everything from empty seats at the general session, congratulations to Dr Berkenbile on the Tuttle Career Achievement Award, notes on super session speakers and details about Tuesday breakouts.

We are already talking about how to make the 2011 Summer Conference Twitter experience even bigger and better! Who knows, maybe we will even organize the first CareerTech Tweetup!

Thank you for Tweeting along with us. What was your favorite part of Summer Conference?


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